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If You Dare Contact Me

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Darkness Falling

They plague my mind Evils of all the dark,
They confuse me, Inject my brain with poisoned words and set my veins of acid madness,
No barrier holds bar to my door The knock grows louder,
The breaking of wood into splinters and combusting in fire, Death surrounds me,
Taunts me,
Dares me,
Fools me,
Guides my hand to drag the knife Leading to utter strife!
The shadow stretches and engulfs me like a serpent swallowing its prey
Whole, Wriggling it tries to get free but with every resistance the grip closes tighter,
The eyes become cloudy They will not see again
That's how I will be if I lay in the dark too long I will not know the light
The shadows, with Death's grip, will bind me and I will see nothing but blindness itself.