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"The Warrior"


He stood perfectly still

Watching his opponents every move

Seaching for that one flaw

When he did find it, he' d move in for the kill

He's weapon felt powerful in his hands

The cold iron waiting to strike fear

Throbbing to peel skin from his next adversary

To rip veins,tear muscles and crush bones

Blood would be sacrificed for his fair maiden

For she was his unyeilding force

Dying to defend her kingdom

The honor was granted upon the warrior

His jouney was at it's end

To kill or be killed

To uphold truth and justice

He would fight his foe to the death

He played out the final conflict in his mind

But could not forsee the outcome

He didn't know his final faith

Victor or the fallin warrior

Fightin for his beloved princess

To save her kingdom from the grasp of doom

Many honorable knights parished in a sea of blood

Forgotten in the mist of time

He grew tired of the battles

The stuggles of ultimate control

Never fearing the conclusion

Just moving on to the next challenge

He longed to be by his fair maiden

To be bathed with her beauty

Touched by her presents

Never knowing if her soul would touch his heart once more

So many foes crushed beneath his iron

Countless enemys twisted by his mighty blade

Slowly dying, tortured,beheaded by the uncaring warrior

Dead a final interlude in their merge depleted lifes

The end was near or a new beginning

Only the almighty one knew the outcome

The warriors faith was in god's hands

In the lords grasp,to pulverize or exist another day

His adversary's forearm flinched but a fraction

Destiny awaited the warriors reaction

The hopes of millions of people rested on is cold blade

Conquer or be conquered

His formable opposer thrust home the first blow

Pain stabbed, metal slashed tissue from the warriors side

Blood started oozing from the gash

Seepin in, flowing inside his armor

The warrior's counterattack was unmericful

He swung his iron for freedom

No one was going to take his dreams away

His princess awaited his victory

He struck out at his opponent

Sword breathin to feel his emenys blood

Hungry to peirce this demons flesh

To sent it back to the gate of hell

The blade found its mark, veins exploded

Tearing into monster's shoulder

Bones bursting, crushed, molding with steel

Fitting end, tissue crying

Falling to it's knees, the imp screamed

For the love of his fair maiden, he beheaded it

The future was sealed, evil suppressed

Final stand, the warrior cryed


                                "The Princess"


She waited inpatiently for her warrior's return

Longing to feel his powerful hands gently caress her

To have his mighty palms cup her firm breasts

His lips massaging her senitive nipples

She loved the way her warrior stroked her golden hair

His tender fingers gliding threw her mane

The way he removed it from her perspiring brow

She was overcome by her prince's touch

He would whisper, I love you in her ear

The sound of her warrior saying it softened her heart

She was putty in her handsome prince's arms

Her soul belonged to this god of a man

The day was soon, her knight would venture home

Together they would rule their kingdom

Side by side, their laws would be righteous

Thier followers would beneifit from their happiness

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I am my master

Master of my soul

My heart controls me

Faith is in my hands

I am my master

Master of my thoughs

My strenght is my voice

Words are my glove

I am my master

Master of my surroundings

My home is my castle

Enter my world

I am my master

Master of my self

My mind is free

Judge me not

I am a master

Master of time

My blood is truth

Veins of life


                               "Rush" Part 1


Some rush threw their Lives

Never stopping to smell a Flower

Hearing it die from a Cold

Final Breathe

Footprints on a Beach

The tide making them Sink

Drowning in Quicksand

Lost in the Grains

An aircraft tail in the Sky

How the wind bends and twists its Cloud

Exsisting for the briefest on Time

Lost in the blue Beyonded

Dew drops on a blade of Grass

Sunlight weaving threw its Clearness

Soon it will be Gone

Dryed up by the Furance

Rush on with your Life

Don't stop to Look

It will be there Tommorow



                                   "Rush" Part2

We rush threw our lives

Never stoppin to see the beauty

A bird in its nest

A baby layin down for a rest

An eagle soarin in the sky

The rain hittin the wings of a butterfly

Enjoyin the smell of homemade bread

Watchin the sunset,a blazin red

The first snowflake of the year

A mouse runnin away in fear

Standin in a cold brook

A hot drink and a good book

The wind howlin between the trees

Dolphins swimmin in the sea

A stroll on a boardwalk

An after midnight talk

Rush on with your life

Dont stop to look

It will be there tommorrow



                          "Rush" Part3

Rush on with your lives

Never stoppin to see the beauty

A whisper in your ear

Only you can hear

An ice cream on a hot day

Squirrels in a park at play

Fireflies dancin in the night

Openin the curtuins to see mornings light

Makin castles in the sand

Listenin to your favorite band

Steppin on a scale

Watchin hail

Meetin an old flame

Rememberin their name

Playin a game

One minute of fame

Rush on with your life

Dont stop to look

It will be there tommorrow




                             "Soul Seaching"



Walkin threw my soul

Searchin for a sign

Lookin with my heart

My dreams are takin the toll

Some feelings get hurt

Thats a part of life

Doesnt excuse the pain

Sorry,but we will all gain

Why do i torture myself

Playing with others emotions

I have no right

Its like second sight

I roll these thoughts around in my mind

Peering into my brain

Trying to understand my inner goals

But it all come back to walkin threw my soul