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Mad Max

Urban society is in terminal decay. The inter-city highways have become a nightmare arena for strange death games between nomad bikers and a handful of young cops in souped-up pursuit cars. Max is a young cop responsible for the death of a crazed biker known as The Nightrider. Max's lady Jessie, wants him to quit the road so Max abandons the force and opts for the peace of travellingthe country roads with Jessie and their baby. Chance brings them into conflict with a psychopath known as the Toecutter, unleashing a new era of violence and revenge.


MAD MAX ("A few years from now..."): Deterioration of Australian society and bureaucratic restrictions leads to fragmentation of the police force, and increasing anarchy on the superhighways, which are still subject to differing state laws. Environmental damage and the effects of the Armalite Gangs have destroyed the farmlands and the Central Bureaucracy declares the inland regions "Forbidden Zones". Only the road trains are still permitted to travel through what becomes known as the "wasteland". The remaining government attempts to maintain law and order, as well as food and water supplies, to the coastal cities. As a result, inland settlements and smaller coastal towns begin to die. The last of the V-8 Interceptors are constructed.


 It's my favorite in a grungy, pit of my stomach, basic survival sort of way. Max is an under dog, yet amazingly he keeps surviving this apoctylptic nightmare. You have to admire the guy. Also, there are some parts of Mad Max 1 that made me laugh hysterically. The first part was when the Bronze are chasing the Nightrider and they come upon civilization. This is when the laughs really started. It all started with the coincidence of that stupid baby being out in the middle of the road just when it all goes down. And then that girl says, "What about Jonathan", and then the cars come roaring through town. The funniest part escalates in an orgasm when the yellow car crashes and jumps through the trailer, spewing metal and fake wooden paneling outward as if by a bomb, the car majestically sailing through it all. This most recent viewing, I was watching the movie in the library media room, and my heavy laughter disturbed other viewers watching their movies. Next, another yellow bronze car slams into the side of the blue van, spinning it like a top. Man, this revved me up, just felt good and hearty to watch. The violence made me smile on the inside, a warm horrible violent wrathful feeling inside my stomach. The next part of the movie that got me going was when Johnny the boy shoots Mad Max in the knee with the shotgun. The layout of this scene was just awesome. There Max is surveiling the area, calm, quiet, when blamo! Max's knee cap explodes in blood and guts. In Mad Max one goes through an emotional rollercoaster ride, first feeling love, then feeling hate, and finally feeling revenge.

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