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 Be Afaid, Very Afaid


Oh how it taste
The sweat metallic taste
The color of how I feel
What keeps me alive
The one thing I crave for
The one thing I need
And it is there for the taking
All I have to do is take it
I take the life
As I take the blood
When I take it
I take the life in to me
Oh how I wish it would stop
All I can do is smell the blood
Of the people that walk by me
How it drives me
All I want it to do is stop taking it
Oh how I wish that
I can stop the bloodshed
Just if I could control
My rage; to stop my madness
Oh how the pain would stop
Someone please help me!


Night Calls

Night calls to me softly,
Soothingly, gently,
Night calls to me quietly,
It knows that I can hear.
Night calls to me urgently,
Passionately, desperately,
It knows the time is drawing near.
Night calls to me
Oh, so wildly.
And I answer,
Drawing myself forth
Out of a muddy dark
Into a velvety black,
Which folds its arms around me,
Welcoming me,
Nurturing me,
And as the Night calls me,
So lovingly,
I answer
And become one with the Night.

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